Falling in Loving with Replica Breitling Avenger BlackBird Watch

I am not collector! Just a student with a profound interest and love in watches and used to follow the Replica Breitling Avenger BlackBird Watch industry all its releases and history. I got exposed from web only a year back during one of the usual midnight strolls on the internet. Then on i’ve been reading and learning about the rep scene and I even though I accept the fact that this is all not so legal, I admire the people who create these watches at such perfection staying within constraints of maybe a 30th of the price of the Gen.

Recently I landed on an internship and that gave a bit of financial freedom to spend some on myself. I spent weeks trying to choose my first replica and thank you all for all the wonderful reviews and discussions going on. Its always a pleasure to read the comments and discussions from like minded folks. After weeks, I finally narrowed down to two watches – An Omega Ceramic Planet Ocean and a breitling avenger blackbird replica. I was absolutely torn between them. The planet ocean from noob was getting such attention and good reviews while with the blackbird it was just me loving the watch.
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Even reviews were scarce and there was that a7750 seconds at 3 and the big date complication to add on to that. Well, an engineer I am and choosing logic over the heart wasn’t alien to me. Thus I made a call on the CRPO and placed an order with Ryan. Call me unlucky, my first ever rep never left the Cincinnati hub – maybe its on some customs guy’s hand as I don’t think many could resist that. Well, Ryan sent another one which reached me really quick. I’m really sorry for Ryan’s loss, hes too good but I guess its an occupational risk for the TD’s. Well the CRPO was beautiful and absolutely flawless and was more than anything I could’ve hoped for. But the blackbird had did something to me. I realized I wasn’t happy anymore. I found myself often looking at Blackbird pictures just ogling at them. If I’ve learned anything from 20 years of my life, it is to go for something if you really want it regardless of anything. I found toro was having an amazing offer on the blackbird’s and wasted no time.
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A day after placing the order breitling blackbird replica  sent me a message saying the polished version wasn’t in stock and sent me QC’s for a brushed one. I replied toro asking if there was any chance to get the polished one as i was just in love with it. I dont know from where or what extend he went to but I got QC’s on a polished one two days later and boy! it was gorgeous. There’s a reason these guys are called TD’s. With the QC I did find some issues. The two small markers were a bit misaligned and there was almost no lume. But I didnt want to bother Toro with minor imperfections and I was impatient to wait more even if Toro could’ve sourced another one. Five days later I was wearing the beauty on my hand and its quite a match to my Bavarian steering wheel.
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As you can see avove, the small markers are misaligned and the reguler markers are kind of far from being perfect. But at the price, I’m not complaining. I’d Like to do a lume job on this but still researching on that. Please post a comment on that if somebody knows something. I was thinking of doing it myself too, buying the agent and the binder and trying it out on other things before i get to the actual watch. What would be the right colors? And another observation is again things people have pointed out before – the screws holding the N, S, W E pins ten to fall out and the bezel rotation is too tight.

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