Orange Rubber Straps Omega Speedmaster Swiss Replica Watch

Orange Rubber Straps Omega Speedmaster Swiss Replica Watch are four hands in the center. Three of them show the hour, minute and second. The other orange GMT hand shows the second time. There are three small dials for 30 minutes, 12 hours and seconds at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. Every watch has its own serial numbers. Because of orange elements, the fake watches give people a sport and energetic image.


The diameter of titanium cases is 44.25mm. The hour markers and hands are luminescent. Omega Speedmaster fake watches with black dials are driven by 3603 Calibre, self-winding co-axial movements with column wheel mechanisms and free sprung-balances that are certified by COSC and can save 52-hour power.


The backs of Omega replica watches with sapphire-crystal glasses are engraved with the patch of the Solar Impulse HB-SIA project.

The two buttons near the crown can control the chronographs. The black bezels with white scales and numbers can measure the speed. Omega Replica Watch pays a tribute to the Solar Impulse project that aims to fly around the world powered just by the sun.

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