Best Quality Richard Mille RM019 Celtic Knot AJ RG Replica Watch

Richard Mille RM019 Celtic Knot AJ RG

Previous models, for example, the Best Quality Richard Mille RM019 Celtic Knot AJ RG Replica Watch, were Richard Mille in name and shape, but lacked the heft and depth of his classic designs. In other words, they weren’t really Richard Milles—just watches for ladies built by the guy who also designed (for example) the legendary RM035. It’s got the usual Richard Mille feel—titanium spline screws holding the bezel to the caseband, a deep, skeletonised dial. And it is designed, from the black onyx baseplate all the way up through the bridges to the mineral glass crystal, to be worn by, enjoyed by, and appreciated by women.

Richard Mille RM019 Celtic Knot AJ RG

It’s unusual to see real complications in these pieces, or any of the mechanical trickery men are supposed to love in their wrist candy. All of which goes to make the Best Quality Richard Mille RM019 Replica Watch a very unusual watch indeed. Look closely, and you’ll see screws and screw assemblies holding the white gold structure to the baseplate: without the knot, the movement would lose rigidity and strength. It even winds sinuously through the tourbillon cage: which can be seen rotating through the rear glass of the watch, in front of the baseplate.

The RM019 Celtic Knot is driven by Calibre RM019—a manually-wound Richard Mille tourbillon movement with central hours, seconds, and a power reserve indicator . The power reserve indication is found on a disc, which rotates beneath the knot between 11 and 12 o’clock. The red line on the disc indicates the power level. The movement has 29 jewels, and a free-sprung balance with variable inertia . It beats at 3 Hz.

The Richard Mille RM019 Replica Watch contains a tourbillon. It is housed in a pink gold tonneau case, weighing in at a very impressive 45 mm (length-wise).

As this is a Richard Mille watch, that precious-stone-studded knot isn’t merely decoration. It’s also an integral part of the movement.

RM019 was the first Richard Mille to really combine the Richard Mille aesthetic with a design aimed squarely at female luxury watch lovers. They lacked character and distinction. (To learn more about Richard Mille watches, read our in depth Richard Mille: A Designer Luxury Watch Brand Profile article).

Richard Mille Replica Watch  is one of the few luxury watch designers to create big, bold pieces for women. Other companies sell primarily male watches to an audience of female watch geeks , or create delicately feminine watches—like Rolex’s Lady Datejust.

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