Replica Watch Review: Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi Bezel Steel Replica Watch

I have always adored the looks of a classic Rolex model. This is probably why I am such a huge fan of the Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi bezel. This vintage looking watch has that iconic beauty that is representative for old style timepieces. It is elegant, colorful and unique. This is one model that hasn’t suffered any visible changes during the years. The only improvements made on this watch were regarding the quality of its materials and inside mechanism. These are more resistant and precise now, but the outside remains the same- absolute perfection!

rolex gmt master ii pepsi

I remember that I first saw the Replica Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi bezel on my boss’s wrist a couple of years ago. I though it is the perfect Rolex watch. It has a nice blend of traditionalism and modernity. I think this is because of the simple and elegant black dial paired up with the bold blue and red bezel. This bezel is called a Pepsi bezel because of the colors, but it is not a special edition model. It wasn’t intended to be identified with the Pepsi brand, it is just something that caught on. And now everyone calls it this watch.

rolex gmt master ii pepsi bezel

Recently, I have ordered a replica watch of the rolex gmt master ii with pepsi blue/red bezel replica and I am pretty pleased with it. It has that sporty and classic feel. The black dial is well made, it has the correct markings, hands and writings. It looks very authentic. Furthermore, the GMT function works correctly and can be set by using the first position of the winding crown. If you turn the winding crown counter clockwise then you can move the GMT hand. When you turn it clock wise you can set the date. Also, the Japanese automatic movement is very exact and has a smooth sweeping second hand.

The stainless steel is full and solid. This makes the Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi bezel replica watch feel heavy and durable, just like it should. The case and band are brushed and polished. On the caseback there is the green Rolex hologram sticker, an authenticity mark. It is such a great replica watch because it goes with most outfits from your wardrobe, from sporty or casual to elegant and sophisticated.

I must say that I am very pleased with my rolex gmt master ii stainless steel replica. It has everything it takes to look and feel authentic. Plus, it is very precise and sturdy.

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