Rolex DateJust Black Dial Diamond Bezel Replica Watch

What do you think about this Replica Rolex DateJust Black Dial Diamond bezel replica watch? I know that designer watches that have a lot of bling can be a bit too much, but this one manages to keep its appearance sleek and classy even though it shines like a light bulb. I like it, I like it very much, but it isn’t mine. I found it in one of my friend’s collections. He bought it online last Christmas and he assures me that it is a replica even though it looks so good that I am tempted to believe that this might be the original Rolex DateJust with diamonds.

My first impulse was to check this watch closely to see what differences I can spot. I was surprised to see how accurate this replica watch feels and looks. The weight of my friend’s rolex datejust black dial diamond bezel replica watch is pretty close to the original. The watch is made from full solid stainless steel and has an automatic movement so it is very heavy. Another thing, the reason I think I like this model so much is because it is silver. My opinion is that silver goes very well with diamonds. Of course, these aren’t real diamonds. Let’s not forget that real diamonds cost a fortune. This replica, as all other replicas, uses cubic zirconium. These transparent stones have a very elegant shine and are very resistant to daily wear.

rolex date just diamonds

As I was saying earlier, it is a pretty sparkly watch. It sure has the bling factor. To enhance its shinny outside, the stainless steel is very polished. My friend wanted to get this exactly because it is so shinny and luxurious. He wanted an extravagant accessory for the New Year party and he definitely got what he wanted. Of course, in the world of designer watches there are many people who love this kind of watches, and a watch like this Rolex DateJust black dial diamond bezel replica watch is considered a real beauty.

Getting back to the accuracy of this fake Rolex watch, I must say that the dial is clean and well cloned, the markings are very accurate, the size of the buttons, markers and hands are correct and the craftsmanship is exceptional. My friend has worn this Rolex DateJust black dial diamonds bezel only a few times, but he says that the automatic mechanism works really nice. The second hand sweeps and the watch keeps great time. He is very content with the quality ans most important with the looks of this fake watch.

If you we looking to get a very opulent and unique replica watch then I do recommend this Rolex Datejust with diamonds fake watch. It looks amazing and it sure is an accessory that will get everyone’s attention.

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