Top Quality Rolex GMT Master II ProHunter Replica Watch

Trying to satisfy all kind of different preferences for watches, Rolex has launched the most daring and contemporary line in its entire watchmaking history: the Pro-Hunter Series. This collection takes the traditional look of the GMT Master II and reinvents its beauty with a poweful contrast between dark black dial, case and band, and white indexes, numbers and hands. Usually the distinctive symbol of the replica GMT Master II is its two-color bezel. The Pro Hunter replaces this colored bezel with an all black one. Its trademark is understated elegance.

I am one of the fans of the daring fake Rolex GMT Master II Pro-Hunter. I love its  looks, and everything about it. The first time I saw this watch I was at an authrorized dealer and I even got the chance to try it on. It felt remarkably sturdy and heavy, just like any many watch should be. I knew from then that I had to have this Rolex watch. I was too fascinated by its elegant design to walk away from it. Of course, when the jeweler told me that this watch costs $16,000 I immediately took it off and admited that this kind of money isn’t something I can afford to spend on a watch.

This was before I discovered how easily you can buy every single designer watch you like, with just a fraction of its price. Yes, I am talking about replicas. Replica watches opened a new window of posibilities for me. I soon started buiding a pretty decent collection of watches and now is the time for me to add a Rolex GMT Master II ProHunter to this collection.

The GMT Master II Pro-Hunter replica was purchased online from this Store. The order arrived in 8 days and once I had the package in front of me I was more nervous than ever. As you can see from the below picture, once I unwrapped the replica watch, all my worries went away. The watch is beautiful.

pro hunter1

The dial enforces the all black look of the watch, but has nice aesthetic enbelishments represented by the white hour markers and red second time zone hand. Also the text “PRO-HUNTER” is written on the dial in red color. The hour markers and the hands are covered by a white layer of luminor which improves night legibility. I have also examined the crystal above the 6 o’clock position and I was pleased to see that it has the little Rolex crown laser etched  in the crystal. Also, the date window features a 2.5X Cyclops lens, just like the authentic rolex pro hunter gmt master ii replica  has. Usually, poor quality replicas have a lower magnification which makes the watch look very fake. That’s not a good thing if you want to be able to wear the knockoff without being afraid that someone will spot it. Fortunately, my replica has the correct magnifying lens.

The bezel, the winding crown  and the case are made from full solid stainless steel with black coating. The numbers on the bezel are white color and offer a nice and distinctive appearence to this Rolex GMT Master II Pro-Hunter replica. What I like the most about this fake is that when I wear it I feel the same sturdiness and heavy weight as I did when I tried on the real Pro-Hunter. I wasn’t expecting it to seem so authentic.

Additionally, the Rolex GMT Master II Pro-Hunter replica has a very good automatic mechanism at the inside. The second hand sweeps smoothly and you can’t hear any ticking sound. The watch does not lose time, it does not stop while I am wearing and once I take it off, it continues to work for at least a day. This is pretty good for a replica watch.

Nothing delights me more than seeing that my investment has paid off. I finally have a the Rolex GMT Master II Pro-Hunter that I have always wanted and it is a very beautiful watch, that works very well and feels very authentic.

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