Cheap Rolex GMT Master II SARU Replica Watch Ref.116758

The lack of diamond hour markers is a good thing on such an eye-catching watch. Both the black dial and the gold applied markers prevent the Cheap Rolex GMT Master II SARU Replica Watch from going over the top. Additionally, you have luminescent hour hands, a centre seconds hand with a lumed tip, and a lumed 12-hour hand that displays the local time zone. There’s also a cyclops lens over the date window at 3.

The rotatable bezel is studded with diamonds, rubies and sapphires. But don’t let all that glitters distract you from the fact that this is a GMT Master II. Blinged-up this luxury watch may be, but it still allows you to instantly see your home time and the time in your current time zone. The top half of the bezel is inlaid with sapphires for ‘night’ and the bottom half with pink rubies that signify ‘day’. Let’s say you live in London but have flown to New York for a meeting followed by a black tie dinner that’s going to stretch into the early hours. The hour and minute hands tell you the time in New York. Now let’s say you’re thinking of putting in a quick call to the family in London. If the 12-hour hand is in the sapphire zone, you’ll know not to because it’s the middle of the night.

The grand daddy of men’s luxury dress watches, the Cheap Rolex GMT Master II Replica  is a 40 mm timepiece that demands to be noticed. If you want a watch that could hold its own on a red carpet or at a sultan’s pool party, this will do you proud. A bridge too ostentatious? No. The GMT Master II SARU cleverly blends opulence with classic styling to create a watch that’s lavish without being gaudy.

It’s not all diamonds and precious stones, though. The Rolex GMT Master II SARU is not just a pretty face. The 3186 automatic movement has a Parachrom hairspring, which helps defend the watch from shocks and temperature differences. Great if you’re used to hopping between countries above and below the equator and need a luxury watch that can stand the heat and handle the cold. The stop seconds function means you can set the time without loss of accuracy, and the movement has a power reserve of 48 hours.

The Oyster case is water resistant to 110 m, so if you do happen to accidentally drop it into your party host’s pool, it will be an irritation rather than the end of the watch. You will also be relieved to hear it has a folding clasp for security, and a 5 mm extension link to maintain your level of comfort should your wrist expand in the heat of the black tie event. Losing or damaging such a collector’s piece as the Rolex GMT Master II SARU is not an option.

We aren’t quite done with the jewels yet. Rolex Replica Watch your eyes away from the captivating bezel for a few seconds and you’ll notice the shoulders are set with diamonds, as is the protector that safeguards the screw-down crown. The effect is impressive enough to raise an eyebrow and trigger an instinctive enquiring glance. This is a watch you can’t help but be transfixed by. Sapphire glass covers a black dial. This is the stable centre, the point of reference in a world where travelling between time zones regularly is the norm.


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