Some Tips before You Buying Breitling Replica Watches Online

Any current model new Breitling Replica Watches being sold for less than half price is dodgy. Ex-factory prices (wholesale) are around 50% of retail on Swiss watches, and not many people sell at a loss.

You are buying the seller, not just the watch, especially on eBay. Read the listing very carefully, and see what other items the seller has sold. If the listing is badly worded, it’s probably a fake or a scam. Most owners of Breitling Replica Watches Online earn a decent salary, so are reasonably well educated. They should be able to spell!

Anyone who says that they don’t know if the watch is genuine is selling a fake. No sane person would sell a £2000 watch for £200, just because they aren’t sure if it is real.

Ask the seller a few questions, such as, where and when they bought it, and why they are selling. Ask for the serial number, and a photo of the warranty booklet. Some fakes are sold with boxes and papers, but often the quality is poor.

Make sure that any pictures shown are of the actual watch, not stolen from the manufacturers website. Ask for a photo of the watch on a current newspaper, so you can check that they actually have it.

Try and see the watch in person, before you pay. Most fakes are easy to spot, if you have seen the real thing. Often the cases are too thick, with “soft” edges, sloppy bracelets and badly finished dials. Fake chronographs often have the sub dials in the wrong place, sometimes they are day/date dials, not stopwatch dials.

The real test is what’s inside the watch – easy to spot if the watch has a display back. Look at pictures of the real thing, and compare the movement. With a bit of research, it’s easy to spot a Chinese or Buy Breitling Replica Watches, or a generic Swiss ETA movement with a fake auto wind rotor. Sellers often make the mistake of quoting the number of jewels in the movement. Does this match what it says on the dial and movement, and what the real thing should have?

If you want to buy a quality Breitling watch, it may be safer to buy secondhand. The seller should be able to provide provenance – a stamped warranty book, possibly a receipt, and a convincing reason for selling.

Grey market watches are often sold on eBay. These are either personal imports or dealer overstocks, and sell at a healthy discount. They are usually good buys, but check with an authorised dealer for their best price. You can get a discount on most brands, with the exception of Breitling Bentley watches.

I’ve bought over 50 watches on eBay. The majority have been exactly as described, a few have had minor problems, but were 100% genuine. Only two have been fakes, and I knew that when I bought them.

Two years ago I knew very little about replica Breitling watches (I am a clock restorer), but it is surprising how much you can learn in a short time with a little effort, and a generous helping of scepticism and common sense.

Good luck!

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