White Mother-Of-Pearl Dials Omega De Ville Ladymatic Replica Watch

White Mother-Of-Pearl Dials Omega De Ville Ladymatic Replica Watch  are steel Roman numbers and 8 diamonds as hour markers. There are many patterns of teddy bears covered on the white dials. What’s more, there is a large pattern of teddy bear and the title “orbis” are printed on the backs processed by being vertically polished. Omega invites Nicole Kidman, Cindy Crawford, Chad Le Clos, Michael Phelps and Sergio Garcia to shoot advertising photos to raise concern in the public and provide medical support for Orbis International and Flying Eye Hospital.

Omega launches De Ville Orbis line to promote Orbis International to help children with eye diseases. Omega gives these sick children teddy bears as comfort.


There is a date aperture at 6 o’clock. The part sales of Omega De Ville Ladymatic Replica Watch  with steel bracelets are donated to help children with eye diseases. If you buy a watch, you could contribute to the medical prevention of blindness by yourself.


Omega De Ville fake watches with blue second hands are driven by 2500 Calibre, self-winding mechanical co-axial movements covered with lawrencium that can save 48-hour power. The diameter of steel cases is 32.7mm. The central three hands show the time.


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